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S.O.A.R Women's Symposium

One amazing day of learning, growing, and connecting with inspiring women in our community.

24 April 2019, Red Bank
2019 S.O.A.R Women's SymposiumWhat You'll Experience at S.O.A.R...
6 Inspiring Interactive Sessions
Time to Connect and Just ``Be``
Continental Breakfast and a Lovely Lunch
Special Rate for Groups of 4 - Invite Your Friends.

About This Event

You will (re)discover the magnificently made human being you were born to be. We're diving deep into our hidden blocks, facing our fears, exploring our gifts, claiming our hopes, and lifting each other up all the while...

Join us for six hours of awesomeness with interactive sessions that will inspire and insist you to seize opportunity and rise.

Attend sessions and interact with other women and the experts. The S.O.A.R Symposium is for every woman ~ whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, a student, or a mom, you (and everyone you interact with) will benefit from being at the Symposium. With 6 powerful sessions, interactive experiences, and the opportunity to meet one-on-one with other women, we are super excited. There is so much to learn, always...

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Date & Time

April 24th, 2019

Symposium ~ 9.30 AM - 3.30 PM


Powerful Session Leaders and Storytellers:

Angela Jia Kim, Lindsay Vastola, Christine Zilinski, Patty Lennon, Krista Lynn, Kimmee Masi, Megan Callus, Bob Ellis, Marita Lynn, Natalie Papailiou, Dr. Veera Gupta, Jessica Varian-Carroll, and Jennifer Tuma-Young.


Detour Gallery
24 Clay Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Our Sponsors Rock

A big HUGE thank you to our Sponsors including Krista Lynn Designs, Custom Events LLC, Organista, The Domesticated Dad, and Heidi Kleva Photography. Email us if you’d like to become a sponsor too, at .


The Location

Detour Gallery is a phenomenal 10,000 square foot art center that features 3 main exhibits, and we are blessed to invite you to such an inspiring venue.

The space will be ours to enjoy for the day as we delve into appreciating the magnificently made human beings that we are, while creating our own “masterpiece” with whatever tools, blessings, and messes we have been given in this very moment. Being surrounded by art, we will be reminded that we have the power to create something extraordinary that will also serve others well. The art will also show us of the meaning and beauty our imagination can bring forth when we open our hearts and tap into the extraordinary gifts we have been given, right within our reach.

More Pics


We created S.O.A.R with a simple intention - to connect, share, learn, and grow TOGETHER.

Jessica Varian-CarrollJessica Varian-Carroll
Jessica Varian-Carroll
Jessica Varian-CarrollOrganista & Co-Founder
Jessica Varian Carroll is the owner and founder of Organize By Design. A home organizing company, specializing in the area of decluttering with 7 years in business and over 185 Clients. Jessica's most recent accomplishment is winning The Best of 2017 for Monmouth Health & Life for the second year in a row. When she isn't assisting her clients she is spending time with her four children, volunteering, and helping others. She is currently working on growing her business, taking on new clients and giving back.
Jess 'n Jenn 'n the GirlsJess 'n Jenn 'n the Girls
Jess 'n Jenn 'n the Girls
Jess 'n Jenn 'n the Girls
Jennifer Tuma-YoungJennifer Tuma-Young
Jennifer Tuma-Young
Jennifer Tuma-YoungInspirista & Co-Founder
Jennifer Tuma-Young is the founder of Inspirista Lifestyle Design and creator of the Inspired Girl Blog. For over fifteen years, she has worked with thousands of women, and travels the country speaking at events, for nonprofits, and in the media. In her daily life, she is a proud momma of her two most precious gifts from God, and she is the co-creative force behind her family business, The Domesticated Dad Catering Company where she works with her incredible food-creating husband serving awesome, homemade meals in their community.


We can't go this journey alone...we need each other.

Natalie PapailiouNatalie Papailiou
Natalie Papailiou
Natalie PapailiouSeeker of Truth {aka Panel Moderator}
A graduate of Lafayette College, Natalie worked in advertising at Ogilvy & Mather until starting design and branding firm, M Studio which still exists here in Asbury Park. She was a book reviewer for Shelf Awareness for nearly 4 years, and wrote a weekly humor blog called MILF: Mother I'd Like to Friend until being elected to the Oceanport Board of Education via a write-in vote in the Fall of 2015, and continues to serve her community by attempting to insure the schools in her town are well-run. Following a similar write-in vote style, Natalie joined our S.O.A.R team when Jenn and Jess placed her in the position of panel moderator without her asking to do so, or even knowing she would be doing it!! Jenn and Jess knew she would rock it at our first Symposium, and are so grateful she is bringing her inquisitive mind, genuine heart, and incredible energy as part of our S.O.A.R team!!
Nicole CruzNicole Cruz
Nicole Cruz
Nicole CruzLover of Details {aka Event Designer}
Nicole Cruz is the founder of Custom Events, LLC located in Tinton Falls, NJ. Her tagline is ``Any Occasion, Every Detail``, because she believes the time and energy put into an event creates a beautiful setting for the guests to enjoy. Nicole joined our S.O.A.R Team initially by offering to put together centerpieces for our first Symposium. She and Jenn immediately clicked, and spoke often about the vision and energy Jenn and Jess wanted the attendees to feel when they walked into the room. Nicole jumped in with her whole heart, and executed details of their vision beyond just centerpieces! She printed and put together our programs, cut and glued hot air balloons that were spread thoughtfully around the space, and even made little sustenance bags for our second break!! A natural fit, Nicole is part of our team and we couldn't be more grateful for her bringing her gifts to S.O.A.R.
Heidi KlevaHeidi Kleva
Heidi Kleva
Heidi KlevaCapturer of Moments {aka Event Photographer}
Heidi Kleva is a freelance photographer in Monmouth County, NJ. She views photography as life, passion, and art. Her tagline is ``Your world through my lens.``, and she sure delivers on that promise!! She captures moments beautifully, and so when she offered to photograph our first Symposium, we felt blessed to have someone there to do just that! Heidi not only took still candids and posed shots of attendees, she also caught our session leaders in action, got a rockin' group photo, and even video taped portions of the Symposium, as well as taking some testimonials from attendees. Having her on our S.O.A.R team not only provides us with beautiful memories, but also allows her to share her gifts with attendees as well!!

S.O.A.R Session Leaders

Know about the session leaders. They are honest, relatable, wise, and oh-so-inspiring human beings who rock.

Patty LennonPatty Lennon
Patty Lennon
Patty LennonSession Leader
Patty is an Intuitive Business Coach, Best Selling Author, and Speaker. She is a firm believer that there are only two forces in the world - love and fear - and that anything is possible when we overcome fear and lead from love. We are honored to have Patty connect with you during her session. Learn all about her at .
Angela Jia KimAngela Jia Kim
Angela Jia Kim
Angela Jia KimSession Leader
Lindsay VastolaLindsay Vastola
Lindsay Vastola
Lindsay VastolaSession Leader
Christine ZilinskiChristine Zilinski
Christine Zilinski
Christine ZilinskiSession Leader
Krista LynnKrista Lynn
Krista Lynn
Krista LynnSession Leader
Dr. Veera GuptaDr. Veera Gupta
Dr. Veera Gupta
Dr. Veera GuptaMeditative Guide
Dr. Veera is a licensed Chiropractor serving the Manasquan, Brielle, Point Pleasant & Wall community. She is also an avid volunteer for multiple organizations, and believes strongly in helping others by volunteering her time and talents. We are honored to have Dr. Veera connect with you. Learn all about her at .

S.O.A.R Storytellers

Know about the storytellers. They are authentic, courageous, and beautiful human beings who rock.

Marita LynnMarita Lynn
Marita Lynn
Marita LynnStoryteller
Our stories have the unique ability to heal others, help others, lift others up. The extraordinary women on this panel, by having courage to embrace their truth, have set others free.
Kimmi MasiKimmi Masi
Kimmi Masi
Kimmi MasiStoryteller
Our stories have the unique ability to heal others, help others, lift others up. The extraordinary women on this panel, by having courage to embrace their truth, have set others free.
Bob EllisBob Ellis
Bob Ellis
Bob EllisSession Leader
Megan CallusMegan Callus
Megan Callus
Megan CallusStoryteller
Our stories have the unique ability to heal others, help others, lift others up. The extraordinary women on this panel, by having courage to embrace their truth, have set others free.

Should I ask my employer to send me to S.O.A.R?

This makes us so happy!! Employers who support growth and development are AWESOME!!

We told her, in general, the Symposium speakers will provide tools and inspiration for achieving your goals, discovering / using all of your gifts / talents, being resilient during challenges, contributing to your workplace / community, and keeping organized inside and out!

The Symposium will also help women learn to be present, so in the workplace all of this translates to being fully present and focused on the task at hand allowing you to seamlessly move from task to task with precision, as opposed to frantically multitasking when more than one project is in motion. It will also help with stress management, overcoming challenges / obstacles, and improve organizational skills.

Tell your employers, ladies!! Today's the last day for Early Bird Pricing, but we have some group rates as well!

Symposium Ticket $140
  • S.O.A.R Symposium Ticket
  • 6 Powerful Sessions
  • 4 Courageous Storytellers
  • A Room of Extraordinary Humans
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Lovely Lunch
  • Lifetime of Connections
Early Bird Ticket Prices are $140.00 and space is very limited so register and reserve your spot now.
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